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Advance Fabricators, Inc. has been serving industry since 1975 with our expertise in fabrication using the following materials

• Carbon Steel, Carbon Alloys, and Tool Steels
• Stainless Steels including exotic Corrosion Resistant and High Temperature Alloys
• Abrasion Resistant materials such as AR Plate, Chrome Carbide Overlay Plate, White Iron Wear Liners, Hard Surfacing Alloys, Ceramics, and Ceramic Bead / Epoxy Coatings
• Aluminum
• Engineering Plastics for liners to aid in wear or sticking problems, mechanical parts, bearings, etc.

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Advance Fabricators Manufacturing conveyors for over 30 years!

• Belt Conveyors – Slider bed, roller bed, troughing belts, corrugated sidewall belts
• Bucket Elevators – Chain and belt type – centrifugal and continuous discharge
• Drag Conveyors – rectangular bed and U-trough type
• Roller conveyors - Special roller gravity and chain driven live roller conveyors
• Screw Conveyors – We stock from 6” to 30” diameter sectional flights and components
• Custom Conveyors – From Engineering to installation.

Supply and distribution

New London Engineering – Standard belt conveyors, hinged steel belts and specials
Omni Metal Craft – Standard roller, belts, dumpers and replacement rollers
Thomas Conveyor – Screw conveyors
Industrial Screw Conveyors – Special screw conveyors, both carbon and stainless steel
SEW Eurodrive – Shaft mounted reducers and screw conveyor drives
MECO System Seals – Air and nitrogen purged custom seals

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Clinker Barn Wall

Cement Plant Duct

Coal Handling System

Kiln Nose Cooling Duct

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